There is a God of War Camera hack in the works, allowing players to freely explore levels, even during cutscenes! And there’s footage of it working, too.

Known PlayStation modder, Lance Mcdonald (Bloodborne, P.T. Demo, etc) revealed on Twitter early today that he has gotten a camera hack to fully work for 2018’s PlayStation 4 exclusive, God of War. The camera hack, as demonstrated in the videos he’s published, allows users to freely explore the world with no clip even during the one-shot angle cutscenes. You can even freeze time if you wanted to. This gives gamers a whole new look at the inner workings of the game as we are given the opportunity to explore content that was very much out of reach. Give the video down below a watch to see it in action.

The very strange part of all this? Well right after this fight scene with Baldur, when Kratos throws him off the cliff, Baldur falls in a T-pose like position, all while giving the finger to whoever shall manage to spot this.

So how does one achieve this? Well, sadly this is only for certain PlayStation 4 that is on a far lower firmware than the current one. At this time, your console would need to be under PlayStation 4 firmware update 5.05 (or below) in order to support any kind of console mods. If you are on anything newer, you’ll have to wait for a possible exploit as there is currently no know public way of downgrading. So we will just have to watch from the sidelines as Lance publishes more findings.