Microsoft has revealed today that select insider program users will, at last, be able to out the Project xCloud IOS version, giving iPhone and iPad owners a look at Xbox’s cloud streaming service.

This current Beta trial will solely focus on xCloud as the company confirmed that users will not have access to Xbox Console Streaming like the android version currently does. They will be inviting up to 10,000 users, in which any of the invitees will get the opportunity to try out the first (and only at this time) available title, Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Do note that if selected, you may not be selected for the whole test period as Microsoft stated that they will be rotating through other registrants, meaning if you didn’t get invited to the first wave there’s a chance you may be picked later.

Down below are the Project xCloud IOS Technical recommendations.

  • Microsoft account (MSA) associated with your Xbox gamertag.
  • An iPhone or iPad running iOS 13.0 or greater and also Bluetooth version 4.0.
  • A Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One Wireless Controller. Please refer to this support article if you are unsure if your Xbox One controller supports Bluetooth.
  • Access to a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection that supports 10Mbps-down bandwidth, similar to streaming video. If you are using Wi-Fi, we recommend using a 5Ghz connection.
  • Optional but recommended: a third-party controller mount for phone-based gamers. We have partnered with PowerA to co-design a new clip that works great with the Xbox One Wireless Controller, available at the Microsoft Store for $14.99 USD.

Project xCloud is Microsoft’s game streaming service that will eventually be available on several platforms. There is currently no release date or timeframe as to when we can expect xCloud to launch, though Microsoft has ramped up their testing for the product in the last few months, slowly expanding it out. If you are interested in signing up for the program, you can do so by sign up using this link here: Project xCloud Preview Registration Page