Looks like things just got a little bit interesting for Ubisoft’s upcoming remake of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, as Exophase has uploaded what appears to be the full list of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake trophies for the game — which is still in development and has been postponed indefinitely from release.

Here’s the list of trophies for the game, which should give fans an idea of what to expect and prepare themselves for.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake Trophies:

  • Platinum: Earn them all!

    Earn every trophy.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • Sand Bearer

    Obtain the Dagger of Time.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • Visionary

    See your first vision.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • Full Circle

    Activate palace defense system.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • One Hard Decision

    Defeat your father.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • Sword of Strength

    Obtain the first sword.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • Prince of Light

    Solve the Hall of Learning puzzle.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • The Elevator

    Survive the elevator fight.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • Good time

    Share a night of love with Farah.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • Ultimate Sword

    Obtain the final sword.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • The Big Fight

    Kill the vizier.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • I might need those

    Collect a sand cloud.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • Water is life

    Find a secret fountain.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • There is always time for a drink

    Drink while in a combat.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • Flying circus

    Vault over 2 different enemies while in slow-motion.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • Crowd control

    Stun 4 enemies at the same time.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • Any water is good water

    Drink water from a waterfall.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • Sand the fight down

    Defeat 15 enemies in a row without taking damage.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • Scapegoat

    Freeze the same enemy 5 times.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • Hidden doors

    Find the secret level.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • It never happened…

    Rewind first time.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • … I swear

    Rewind 25 times.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • Megafreeze

    Execute a megafreeze during combat.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • No respect

    Drink while a frozen enemy is slowly falling down.

    0.00% (0.0)
  • Smoldering gaze

    Stare at Farah very closely.


First announced at Ubisoft Forward 2020 last year, the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake was originally scheduled for a January 2021 release before complaints and concerns regarding the trailer’s graphics pushed Ubisoft Anvil to delay the game to March. However Ubisoft ultimately decided to indefinitely postpone the game — to give the developers more time to deliver a remake that feels fresh while remaining faithful to the original.