A new Sony patent has gone public, giving us a deeper dive into the PS5 cooling system for dev kit models.

Thanks to our good friends over at LetsGoDigital, we now may have an idea of how Sony will tackle the PS5 Cooling system as the latest patent by the company goes over how they’re accomplishing it in the developer kits.

An electronic device has a plurality of cooling fans for supplying air to a heat sink. The plurality of cooling fans create air flows that pass through the heat sink from a first side of the heat sink toward a second side of the heat sink.

The heat sink is disposed oblique to the left-right direction and the front-rear direction of the electronic device. An exterior member has an intake port formed along the first side of the heat sink and oblique to the front-rear direction and the left-right direction.

A heat sink is disposed on a microprocessor mounted on a circuit board. A cooling fan is disposed upstream of the heat sink, and a power supply unit is disposed downstream of the heat sink. Air sent out from the cooling fan passes through the heat sink, passes through the power supply unit, and is discharged to the outside.

Here are some screenshots showing what the inside of the PS5 dev kit looks like. Notice on both left and right there are a set of fans, for a title of six.

Click to image to see a larger version

Do keep in mind that this is by no means a representation of the consumer release. Chances are, we will see a very different console case than the ones developers are currently working with. regardless, the current design appears to be sufficient at keeping a pretty cool system. Hopefully, with this patent going live, it means that Sony is nearing the showcase of the console itself. We’ll be sure to keep you all posted when that happens.