3D Realms’s has announced that the solo-developed game, Paradox Vector, will be a part of their Realms Deep 2020 livestream event next month.

Realms Deep 2020 will be airing on September 5 and run until the next day. I will feature a number of showcases of old-school retro titles, along with some new premiers and interviews with John Romero, Cliff Bleszinski, and so much more. Paradox vector, a title we’re excited to see and are currently having an hands-on experience, will be showcased during the livestream. The title is currently in early access, though it plans to exit it real soon as it nears completion. Down below you’ll find a trailer for Realms Deep 2020 along with the latest from Paradox Vector.

Realms Deep 2020 Event

Latest Paradox Vector Trailer

About Paradox Vector

Paradox Vector is at its core, a first person shooter. It’s gameplay is directly influenced by classics like Doom, Quake and Half-Life. The vector graphics and impossible geometry of the levels offer the two main points of departure from these original masterpieces of the genre.

Non-Linear Gameplay
Currently, the game is very linear, with a series of levels in a predetermined order. I plan to have more exploration, with a larger “outdoor” map, with access to “dungeons” which will allow the player to go back and forth between levels.

Puzzles and Traps
There are a few simple puzzles and traps in the game. Future levels will place somewhat more emphasis on solving these kinds of puzzles, which will be more complex. It will still be mainly focused on combat, but I want to add more exploration and problem solving that is more evident in the current game’s later levels.”

We’ll have an impression post hopefully real soon, but as a tease I definitely suggest everyone to check this gem of a game out. It features some of the most beautiful vector visuals for a game and the puzzles are truly a spectacle to witness. Paradox Vector will be launching on Steam sometimes this year.