Looks like one of the world’s first video game mascots is getting another great honor he so definitely deserves, as Bandai Namco Entertainment announced today that Pac-Man is being inducted into the Comic-Con Museum Hall of Fame — joining Batman and making him the first video game character in history to do so.

Here’s the plans of the MCHOF on how the plan to induct Pac-Man — who is currently celebrating his 40th anniversary.

The MCHOF induction process will comprise of multiple parts, starting with a character tribute dedicated to PAC-MAN’s 40-year history through exclusive online content as well as an award and online induction ceremony. The many creators and developers who have contributed to PAC-MAN’s status as an icon will also be recognized and honored. PAC-MAN fans will also be part of the celebration as commemorative T-shirts and pins will be made available and they can participate in virtual museum experiences.

Created in May 22, 1980 by video game designer Toru Iwatani, Pac-Man is the titular hero of his own arcade game — a yellow ball shaped character that runs in a maze eating pellets to complete the stage while four ghosts chase him. It became a critical and commercial success, and the character has since seen many ports, sequels, spin-offs, and appearances in other forms of media.

“When I created PAC-MAN over 40 years ago, I never could have imagined the amount of joy he has brought to video game fans, nor could I have imagined his reach around the globe,” said Toru Iwatani, the original creator of PAC-MAN. “While I’m proud of my work, the real happiness I feel is in how PAC-MAN has entertained millions of fans around the world and how those fans have in-turn supported PAC-MAN with their love and loyalty all these years. The bond between creator, character, and player has been so strong these past decades. I hope to see this connection continuing long into the future.”

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