Almost 25 years since Capcom originally released Resident Evil, many have assumed that the character depicted in the original Resident Evil 1 box art cover character was a representation of lead protagonist Chris Redfield — with a weird contorted facial expression as he escapes from a dangerous room while holding a weapon that looks to be a hybrid of an assault rifle and shotgun. However in a recently released video, we find out that there is more to this than meets the eye.

Thanks to YouTube user and avid Resident Evil content publisher “Score PN,” we now know that this is neither Chris nor fellow S.T.A.R.S member Richard Aiken. Cover artist Bill Sienkiewicz explains that the character is nameless, and is based on early concepts of the game before the characters that made it into the final product were full realized.

“The character on the box art isn’t based on anyone in reality (such as an actor); he’s roughly based on a character from the game. At the time I did the cover, the game’s concept was still developing. So I was told to run with it, but include certain elements like epiders, etc.”

That was some flashback Resident Evil trivia right there. For more news on the franchise, be sure to check out our story on Resident Evil Village appearing at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.