Actor Norman Reedus has revealed that he is currently in discussion to work on a new Kojima project.

Speaking in an interview with the Wired, Reedus has stated that outside of possibly doing more Death Stranding related things, Kojima is currently looking at doing other stuff.

“We did Death Stranding, which was a huge hit, and we’re in talks to do other stuff,”

Game director, Hideo Kojima recently stated that he would like to do a new horror game, and seeing that Norman Reedus was originally supposed to star in the now-canceled Silent Hill title, this could very well be the direction they are heading in.

“I want to do a horror game one day, yes of course. I have some new ideas that I think kind of get out there. But I don’t know when. I’ll have to think about when I bring this out.

“Horror, when it comes to movies…You can kind of close your eyes watching a really fearful thing. Games are different than movies. If you close your eyes in a movie you can make it go away and the movie continues, but in games, it’s interactive. You have to move forward yourself.”

I know I’m hoping to see a new horror game from Kojima, and I absolutely loved Reedus’s performance in Death Stranding. Seeing that the title just recently launch on PlayStation 4, and soon on PC, we don’t expect to hear much about Kojima’s next game this year.  At best, the Video Game Awards, though it’s more likely news will surface next year. We will be sure to report on any new Kojima project news that gets revealed.

Source via VGC