CD Projekt Red has confirmed a new witcher game is in development, although it won’t be called The Witcher 4.

According to Eurogamer Polish, CD Projekt Red is to begin work on the new Witcher game directly after the release of Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt Red president Adam Kiciński had this to say:

We have already been working on another single-player game, we have created a relatively clear concept that is waiting for further development. And this is already beginning to happen, although we do not want to spend time at the moment

 Immediately after the completion of work on Cyberpunk 2077, work on the next title will start from a hoof 

Eurogamer Polish confirms that the game will be “embedded” in the Witcher’s universe. This was explained by Adam that going forward, their games will fall into two categories, them either being Witcher of Cyberpunk.

We have two worlds and within these worlds we want to create games, therefore all planned games are either “witcher” or “cyberpunk”

Sounds like CD Projekt Red will have much to offer us for many decades to come. What are you guys hoping for in a new Witcher game? Do you want to see Geralt return? Or perhaps they should start with completely new characters? Let us know in the comments down below!

The Witcher 3 released back in 2015 with an overwhelmingly positive reception from both fans and reviewers. The game is currently estimated to have sold over 20 million copies, with the series total being over 30 million. It received a hefty amount of post-launch support from CD Projekt Red, including free DLC, mid-gen console refresh support, two massive expansions, and a Nintendo Switch Port. Netflix also debuted The Witcher Tv series this year, which has also been met with a fair amount of positivity.

If you haven’t played the Witcher 3, or any of the past Witcher games I highly recommend them. The gameplay may feel sluggish, but in terms of content and story, it excels every expectation and sets a gold standard for what RPG games should strive for.

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