At last week’s The Game Awards, BioWare shocked the world by confirming that a new Mass Effect game is indeed in early development and with a new teaser even. While it’s still too early for BioWare to share details on the project, one thing that should excite fans is the confimration that former BioWare veterans are returning to help develop the next chapter of the Mass Effect franchise!

Project Director Michael Gamble shared a list of names over on Twitter, which you can see below (via Game Informer):

  • Derek Watts
    • Watts is the original Art Director for the Mass Effect series
  • Brenon Holmes
    • Holmes has worked on the entire Mass Effect trilogy, Dragon Age Inquisition and Origins, Andromeda, and more dating all the way back to Baldur’s Gate II. He’s a lifelong BioWare staple and intimately familiar with all of the evolutions this studio has undergone
  • Parish Ley
    • Ley was the cinematic direct for the Mass Effect trilogy and he is returning to BioWare and the series specifically to bring back his vision for the new game
    • Gamble also notes that he was the mastermind behind many key moments that Mass Effect fans love
  • Dusty Everman
    • Everman was a key person when it came to bringing the vision of the original Normandy to life in the first Mass Effect game
    • He left BioWare back in 2015, like Ley, but is returning to add his talents to the new Mass Effect game

Interestingly enough, Gamble tweeted that there are more devs that are returning that haven’t been announced just yet!

As a huge Mass Effect fan, this is exactly what the franchise needs; people familiar with the franchise working on it again! We’re quite far off from this new Mass Effect game, but thankfully, we have the Mass Effect Legendary Edition to look forward to next year.


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