Gamers who are fans of neo-noir stories and the cyberpunk genre will have something else to look forward to besides “Cyberpunk 2077” this fall, as Ion Lands is bringing their recent adventure game release “Cloudpunk” to the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this coming October.

Already out for the PC since April, the game puts players in control of Rania, a female delivery driver who works for the eponymous company the game takes its name after and is tasked with delivering and collecting packages in a Blade Runner-styled city. Besides navigating through the city with a HOVA flying car, Rania can explore on foot, collect items, and make decisions that affect the outcome of their playthrough. Players can also buy upgrades and customize their HOVA, and collect story items to unlock different side quests that expand beyond the main story of the game.

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