Naughty Dog Creative Director and VP Neil Druckmann recently sat down for an interview, discussing the difficulties of putting out a playable The Last of Us Part 2 demo, along with where they’re sitting in game’s development and decision on an early digital release.

If you haven’t heard yet, TLOUS  part 2 has officially been delayed with no new date announced. Taking to an interview in the newest PlayStation Blogcast, Neil Druckmann gives fans an update and talks about the PAX East demo and why it’s not as easy as people think it would be to release  The Last of Us Part 2 demo on the PlayStation Store.

“Actually when we did the press demo we just had the whole game there on the disc and we cut off a piece of it so people could play that, but you can’t do that when you ship it worldwide on PSN.  

It’s almost like you’re starting from scratch to build that demo and that’s a massive amount of work and a massive amount of work that we don’t want to put our team through. We’d rather put our focus on finishing the actual game and getting it to people.”

As for where they’re currently sitting on development? Well, according to Druckmann they are at the “one-yard line” meaning all they have left is bug-squashing and final polishing. The game is essentially playable from start to finish, meaning weren’t for the COVID-19 pandemic, we most likely would have gotten the game released on time. So why not do an early digital release? Druckmann commented on that as well, stating that they are exploring options and haven’t reached a decision just yet

“This is a worldwide game that people in every country are waiting for and we want to make sure that we’re fair. If we just get to a small fraction of people, what does it do to all the people who don’t get it?

We’re right now looking at all sorts of different options. What’s the best way to get it to all our fans as soon as possible? That’s going to take time for things to shift and to figure things out and also see where the worlds at. Things are changing from day-to-day.”

So there is still some hope the game will see an early digital release, though we wouldn’t bet on it quite yet if they’re wanting to ensure everyone gets a chance at launch to play it. Guess we will see where they’re at later this year, and hopefully, this COVID-19 pandemic begins to wind down. We’ll be sure to keep you all posted on any TLOUS Part 2 news, so be sure to keep an eye on our hub page for the game.