While The Last of Us 2 just came out last week, and it’s a pretty lengthy trek, no doubt a lot of gamers have finished the game already. For those hoping for The Last of Us 2 DLC to make its way out to know what’s happening next, don’t hold your breath.

In a spoilercast with Kinda Funny (via GamesRadar), game director and Naughty Dog Vice President Neil Druckmann point-blank states that “there’s no plans” for any DLC for The Last of Us 2. You can watch the video here, and Druckmann mentions it at the 1:52:00 mark — beware of spoilers though if you care for that sort of thing.

For those who finished the game already, you’ll know that there’s a ton of stuff Naughty Dog can explore once the story wraps up. That said, maybe the studio will reserve that for The Last of Us 3.

Speaking of endings, the game could have gotten a very different one based on the recent story we published. If you haven’t picked the game up yet, go check out our review to see why we think so highly of it.

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