Yesterday we saw a surprise release of a patch for The Last of Us Remastered (and Left Behind standalone). While the only details known at the time of release was that it was for various bug fixes, it seems that users have discovered that load times have been drastically reduced.

For comparison purposes, here’s a video of the PS4 versus the PS3 that released around the time of the PS4 launch.

As you can see here, the PS4 originally took roughly 50 seconds to a minute to load. We can only assume this was from a fresh new game start, though this video below demonstrates loading from a save, which takes about 40 seconds.

So how much does the new patch improve loading? A ton from the looks of it, as the video down below shows a 8-15 second load post patch, whether it’s chapter selecting, loading from a save, or starting a new game. You can skip to the five-minute mark when the player starts a new game, with the loading time at around just eight seconds!

Interesting enough other PS4 titles have recieved mysterious updates, though they all state they are for bug fixes. In the case of The Last of Us Remastered, and even it’s standalone DLC, Left Behind, users have been quick to notice these reduced loads.

This is certainly a surprise boost in loads, which should only be improved even more once the title is played on the PS5 (and its SSD). Guess we’ll see once the console launches on November 12.