A guide on how to level up in Mortal Shell in SP1st;s Mortal Shell level up guide that talks about weapons and shells.

Despite essentially being a Souls clone game, the leveling system in Mortal Shell is completely different. Whereas Souls game allow you to spend currency to level up specific attributes, Mortal Shell locks strength, health, and stamina behind different Shells, with the “leveling” up being tied specifically to Shell skills and weapon upgrades. So “leveling up” is a bit different since you aren’t actually putting anything more so into specific attributes.  This creates an interesting system, one that many my find more challenging as you simply cannot out damage enemies unless you invest in your weapon.

Leveling up Shells, or to be more correct, unlocking abilities is pretty easy. All you have to do is locate Sester Genessa, who can be found in the Fallgrim Tower of the first area after the map. She is also present at the start of new areas, essentially acting as the “bonfire” in Mortal Shell. Once you have talked to her you will then be able to use Tar and Glimpse. What are these you ask? Well they’re the main currency in the game, with Tar being rewarded after killing an enemy or from items. Glimpse are rewarded the same fashion, although they aren’t after every enemy death and appear to be random drops. Both can also be acquired by consuming certain items.

Now in order to unlock new abilities for a Shell you must have the Shell you want to unlock abilities for on, speak to Sester and then unlock the name of that specific Shell be spending tar. Each Shell costs a different amount of Tar. Once you have done this you will now have access to the full ability list for that Shell that you can unlock. Pretty simple.

As for weapons, these level up with certain materials and depending on the weapon those materials are usually different. In order to level up a weapon, you must locate a anvil. One can be found in the second floor of the Fallgrim Tower, and sometimes by Sester Genessa in other areas. there are 5 different weapon slots that can be updated, each requiring different types of material. Outside of the damage increase upgrades, the materials are tied to each weapon. A break down of each tier can be found below.

  • Tier 1: Weapon ability 1
  • Tier 2: Weapon ability 2
  • Tier 3: Damage Increase, requires Quenching Acid which is a material used across all weapons. You can strengthen a weapon up to 5 times per playthrough.
  • Tier 4: Ballistazooka – a range weapon.
  • Tier 5: Boosts effects healing empowered ripostes (shared across all shells)
  • Tier 6: Boost amount of resolve you gain (shared across all shells)

You now know how to level up in Mortal Shell! Interested in more guides? You can find the rest of them on our official Mortal Shell page: Mortal Shell Guides