Following yesterday’s Mortal Shell patch, Cold Symmetry has released yet another one today, and this is the fourth patch in a span of seven days. Check out the changes in the Mortal Shell update 1.06 August 23 patch below.

Mortal Shell Update 1.06 August 23 patch notes:

Mortal Shell update 1.06 patch notes (PS4)

  • 4K resolution fix – 4K resolution now supported n eligible hardware.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.
  • Various save game fixes.

Yep, that’s it. If you want to see the changes from yesterday’s patch, we’ve listed them down below to save you a click.

  • Obsidian Boost: Foundling and Obsidian Foundling are now immune to harden pass through damage in NG+ (also solves a crash).
  • Hard Glimpses: Hadern drops Glimpses of Reverie in NG+
  • Close Sesame: Doors in the Temple of Ash are reset in NG+
  • Parry On: Fixes for parry/riposte bugs.
  • Sticky Situations: Fixes to some places where you could get stuck in Fallgrim.
  • Saving Throw: Various fixes to the way game data is saved which helps prevent (and fix) progression blockers.
  • That was !#@#: Improved Hit Boxes on Tarsus.
  • Quick Draw: Swapping weapons at Hadern’s statue or in Fallgrim Tower is instant.
  • Hey Zeus: The Unchained’s Minions are now destroyed immediately upon his death.
  • Credit where it’s Due: Fixed some typos and added some people to the credits.

Will we see another Mortal Shell patch this coming week? I wouldn’t put it past the developers. Make sure you read our review to see whether it’s worth a buy.

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