Developer Cold Symmetry has released the Mortal Shell update 1.05 August 22 patch, which is our third patch in a seven days. This one once again includes gameplay fixes, which the player base should appreciate. Clocking in at just 160MB on PS4, head on below for the full patch notes:

Mortal Shell Update 1.05 August 22 patch notes:

  • Obsidian Boost: Foundling and Obsidian Foundling are now immune to harden pass through damage in NG+ (also solves a crash).
  • Hard Glimpses: Hadern drops Glimpses of Reverie in NG+
  • Close Sesame: Doors in the Temple of Ash are reset in NG+
  • Parry On: Fixes for parry/riposte bugs.
  • Sticky Situations: Fixes to some places where you could get stuck in Fallgrim.
  • Saving Throw: Various fixes to the way game data is saved which helps prevent (and fix) progression blockers.
  • That was !#@#: Improved Hit Boxes on Tarsus.
  • Quick Draw: Swapping weapons at Hadern’s statue or in Fallgrim Tower is instant.
  • Hey Zeus: The Unchained’s Minions are now destroyed immediately upon his death.
  • Credit where it’s Due: Fixed some typos and added some people to the credits.

The PS4 patch with the fixes above has been deployed. The continue function for the game will only load your save in slot 1. Please load your game to continue your save file. The team are preparing another patch to fix the issue above.

Xbox One: All of the above + Bug which would cause save files to be overwritten on controller disconnect has been resolved.

If you haven’t checked the game out yet, make sure to read our review to see why it’s worth a look. Don’t forget to check out our in-depth guides on the game as well.

Source: Mortal Shell Discord

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