The Mortal Shell trophy and achievement lists have been revealed, giving us a possible idea of just how hard this game may be.

In total, Mortal Shell features 26 trophies and achievements, 1 Platinum, 6 gold, 11 silver, and 8 bronze. The full trophy/achievement lists can be found below, although we must warn of potential spoilers. So anyone wanting to go into this game completely dark, it is recommended that you do not read the list as with all trophy reveals.

Mortal Shell Trophy And Achievement Lists

Platinum Trophy – Obtain all other trophies.

Gold Trophies & Achievements

Forever Alone – Beat the game without ever bonding with a shell.

Face Off – Defeat Hadern in the tutorial.

Seeker of False Truths – Unlock all secret lore.

Life is Suffering – Beat the game in obsidian dark form.

Crossed the Threshold – Complete Mortal Shell.

The Nihilist – Renounce humankind.

Silver Trophies & Achievements

Brigand Life – Waste your life away with Baghead.

Bars Tended – Become familiar with all items.

Sugar Baby – Spend over 50,000 Tar in the Vlas’s Shop.

Untarnished – Parry over 100 attacks.

You Seem Different… – Unlock all of the Shells in the game.

Different Kinds of Grisha – Defeat all different versions of Grisha in the game.

Faded the Fire – Defeat Imrod, the Unrepentant.

Matryr’d the Martyr – Defeat Tarsus, the First Martyr.

Tragic Loss – Defeat Crucix, the Twiceborn.

Felled the Glandfather – Defeat The Unchained.

Nailed It – Kill Two or more enemies with one shot from the balistazooka.

Bronze Trophies & Achievements

Fun Guy – Pick 50 mushrooms.

Step Goal – Kill an enemy with bear trap.

Flesh and Instinct – Find your first Shell.

Is This a Sparta? –  Kill an enemy by kicking them off a platform.

Bring the Glands Back to Me – Bring a gland to Dark Father.

The Good Times are Killing Me – Jam with a brigand.

It’s a me – Kill an enemy with a hardened plunge.

Purrfect – Pet Vlas’s Cat.

Source: Truetrophies

Mortal Shell is launching on August 18 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.