Excited for Mortal Shell? If you’ve participated in the beta and want more brutal action, Cold Symmetry has announced that the Mortal Shell release date is set for August 18 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC!

There’s also a new trailer to mark this announcement!

The game’s release date was revealed in an enthralling new trailer, which for the first time showcased Mortal Shell’s ranged weapon, the Ballistazooka. Capable of launching heavy iron bolts at devastating speed, the Ballistazooka is powerful enough to impale enemies and pin them onto nearby structures. The trailer also provides a new glimpse at more of the game’s fearsome adversaries, its stunning landscapes, and the mysterious fourth Shell, Solomon.

Published by Playstack, Mortal Shell is developed by a small and passionate team of veteran developers, and will launch at $29.99 on the Epic Games Store, PlayStation Store, adn Xbox Games Store. On PC, a Steam version will release lter in 2021.

For those wondering, Cold Symmetry has no current DLC or microtranscations planned, which is refreshing to see.

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