Due to the large amount of requests, Cold Symmetry has announced that there will be a Mortal Shell physical release coming this October.

While the original plans were to just release as a digital only title, Cold Symmetry has a press release that production on a physical release has started and excited fans can expect it to drop on October 2 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. It will be priced at $29.99, the same price as the digital release, however it will come with additional goodies that you can read up below.

Mortal Shell Physical Release Content

  • Mortal Shell base game.
  • Exclusive fold-out post.
  • Soft art book featuring never before seen concept images and character art.

The physical edition of Mortal Shell will be releasing in both North America and Europe for  $29.99 (€34.99 / £29.99. Anywhere else will need to either import a copy or purchase the digital version as that will be available worldwide.

And speaking of the digital version, Cold Symmetry has given players an update on console pertaining to pre-ordering. Sadly, Mortal Shell will be skipping out on the pre-ordering option, despite best efforts to making them available on PSN and XBL.

The only available digital pre-order will be via the Epic Game Store. Now you may be wondering why this might be important for many as pre-ordering doesn’t really provide any bonuses.

For those unaware, in the past storefronts (more so PSN) that have skipped out on pre-order options for games have seen those titles release significantly later in the day. Rather than become available at midnight Eastern time, they would be available whenever the storefronts would update. This certainly may be frustrating for some, but nonetheless the title is still releasing, it just may be later than expected.

Mortal Shell is releasing on August 18 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. We will have a full review once hopefully within the release of launch along with a number of useful guides. Be sure to keep an eye on our official SP1ST Mortal Shell game hub.