We break down Mortal Shell New Game Plus mode as well as the hardcore difficulty known as Obsidian Form. Read on for the Mortal Shell Obisidan Form and New Game Plus info drop.

Mortal Shell New Game Plus

Much like the new game plus found in the Souls franchise, Mortal Shell new game plus increases the difficulty by having stronger enemies that deal more damage and receive less. All items that you have obtained do carryover outside of story related content such as glands. Amount of tar you earn from killing enemies is also increased. All Shell abilities transfer over as well as upgraded weapons. Because you can’t really level the attributes of a Shell there are no increases to Shell. Weapons however can be strengthened five more times for every NG+ run, even if you choose not to upgrade that weapon in a run.

There is also a slight damage modifier to Shells, meaning when you get strutted while in Shell mode you have a chance to receive a small amount of damage.

Mortal Shell new game plus is unlocked immeaditely after defeating the final boss and accepting the dialogue choice to start a new game.

Mortal Shell Obsidian Form

Mortal Shell Obsidian Form is essentially a form where you cast off the ability to bond with shells. It’s a bit different than say running through a playthrough without ever bonding with a Shell as when you accept Obsidian Form it is a one hit kill. Additionally, if say you decided to go into Obsidian form later after upgrading a Shell, then you lose all progress and will need to start again in the next playthrough. This form is really intended for the hardcore players, and if you beat the game in Obsidian Form you unlock the trophy/achievement tied to it.

In order to enter Obsidian Form you must locate the the altar hidden away in Fallgrim. This altar is located a little past the giant green frog, inside a cavern that requires you to walk through a hole in a wall.

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