Here’s an in-depth guide for how to change shells and weapons in Mortal Shell as part of our guides for the game! For this one, here’s a Mortal Shell how to change shells and weapons tutorial.

Unlike pretty much all soul inspired games, Mortal Shell handles equipment differently. Rather than being able to carry every weapon and armor set in the game, Mortal Shell only allows one weapon and one shell at a time. This creates a pretty difficult situation as you may eventually run into situations where certain weapons and shells are better suited. Thankfully there are a couple of ways that you can change shells, though they can be a bit limited.

Method 1:

The first, and most commonly used method is by visiting the Fallgrim Tower near the start of the game. Here you will find Sester Genessa along with some tombs. Chances are you only have your first shell at this point in the game, but if you look where the tombs are you will noticed a glowing white orb there. There should be three of them if you picked up the first shell near the start of this area, but interacting with one of these glowing orbs will reveal the location of that Shell. Once you have gotten one, it will be in that spot, allowing you to swap to it anytime you visit this area.

Moving to the second floor here, you will see an identical set-up, but for weapons. It’s the same thing, once you unlock a weapon you can come back here and swap to it, or swap between two of them at a specific weapon location as you need to give up the current one your holding in order to use the other. You unlock weapons by defeating Harden at his alatars scattered throughout the game. they are typically near Sester Genessa when you travel to a new area.


Method 2:

The second method to swap between shells and weapons is the use of items known as Effigy. These are one time use items and will swap to that specific shell or weapon upon consumption. Be Careful though as once you use an effigy you can no longer use it again unless you have more of that type. You will know what each effigy gives as the name of the shell or weapon is in their title.

Additionally, you will eventually unlock unlimited use items for weapons so you can freely change whenever you want.

Method 3:

The third method is a rather clever one, although very situational. If you were to die in a Shell and then swap to another one before retrieving said Shell, you can return to where you died and pick up the shell. This will transform you back into the original shell that had died previously. It’s not a common tactic we picture players using, but it certainly does help as it fully restores your health.

There you have, a guide on how to change shells and weapons in Mortal Shell. Interested in more guides? You can find the rest of them on our official Mortal Shell page: Mortal Shell Guides