Confused on how you can open up those mysterious frog chests scattered around Mortal Shell? Well, hopefully not for long as we’re about to tell you exactly how in our Mortal Shell Frog Chests how to open guide!

When you first start your journey in Mortal Shell, you’ll see some odd frog chests scattered throughout the main hub area. Upon inspection you’ll notice that they are locked with no indication as to how to open them. This left us pretty puzzled for a few hours as nothing we seemed to do unlocked them, however we eventually did discover it and it isn’t all too difficult. Well sort of.

In order to unlock frog chests you will need to head to any of the three temples and defeat a main boss. It doesn’t matter which one you defeat, because they all drop key items known as glands. When you pick up a gland, the world state changes, adding tougher and more enemies to the world. It’s also foggy in the main hub zone.

Upon returning back to Fallgrim you will notice that all the frog chests are now glowing orange. This means that they can be opened and will remain this way until you give the gland to the chained character in the tower. The content of frog chests varies, though they’re typically standard items that you can pick up during the normal playthrough. The rarest items I would have to say are the quenching acid, which is used to increase weapon damage. If you can’t get all the frog chests, don’t worry as there are still two more glands that you can collect. Eventually, you will also unlock a new NPC at the tower (near the weapon anvil on the second floor) that accepts 1 glimpse to change the world state.

That’s it, that’s how you open frog chests in Mortal Shell! Be sure to visit our official Mortal Shell Guides page for more helpful guides.