Learn how you can unlock fast travel in Mortal Shell. In one of our many “How To” guides for the game! For this one, we teach players how to Mortal Shell fast travel!

There isn’t a whole lot in terms of steps that you need to do to unlock fast travel in Mortal Shell, though it is somewhat of a lengthy process. Unlike many other titles where fast travel is unlocked through natural story progression, Mortal Shell actually keeps this feature hidden from the players. Shortly after the tutorial you will encounter your very first Shell. If you want to unlock fast travel it is very important that you pick up a shell, it doesn’t have to be the first one near the start, but you are required to have a shell for this.

This means if you plan on doing a no shell run in order to unlock the achievement tied to it, then you may want to skip out on this unlock until you have gotten that achievement. Anyway, when you have gotten a shell you will then go visit Sester Genessa. She will have some new dialogue with you and then you will have access to the Shell upgrade/leveling system. This is the key to unlocking fast travel as you are required to purchase every single upgrade for a given shell. This will require plenty of grinding, and for us nearly the full length of the game. If you need help understanding how upgrading/leveling works, we have written up a ” Mortal Shell How To Level Up Shells and Weapons” guide.

Once you have purchased all the upgrades for a shell of your choice, speak to Sester Genessa again with the shell equip. She will have some new dialogue, in which you will then unlock the ability to trade with her. There is an item in her wares called “Ornate Mask” that costs 30 glimpses.

Once you purchase it you can either equip it to either one of tour quick slots or access it directly from the inventory menu every use. This is will unlock the fast traveling menu, which also gets added to Sester Genessa menu. You will be able to fast travel to any point in the game that you have discovered Sester Genessa in.

There are some limitations, for example you cannot fast travel during a boss fight, nor can you fast travel when you have a boss gland in your inventory. The option to fast travel will be locked until you have removed the gland from your inventory or defeated the boss. You can fast travel when there is fog, but only when it is activated by the NPC. It does stay with you in new game plus, however you need to re-unlock the fast travel points.

Congratulations, you have successfully unlocked fast travel in Mortal Shell! Now that you have, be sure to read up on our other guides on our official Mortal Shell Guides page.