Mortal Shell day one patch notes have gone live, revealing a number of fixes and improvements.

Mortal Shell day one patch includes a number of changes, which you can read below, but the big ones seem to be focusing on improved visual and other quality of life improvements. You can read up on the full notes down below. Additionally, for those interested, the game will weigh roughly under 4GB according to the official Microsoft Mortal Shell store listing. A pretty small size if you ask me, although that shouldn’t be any indication that the game is small. The team could simply be using some technique to compress the file, or optimization of assets. 

Mortal Shell Day One Patch Notes:

  • Increased PostProcessAAQuality to 4 to reduce TAA ghosting in fallgrim.
  • Fix for The Player is able to kill Tarsus instantly with the Second Special attack of Martyr’s Blade.
  • fixed a bug with dark father where if you approached him with solomon or foundling when delivering the final gland you’d be stuck with a gland forever and you’d be sad and message the developers why you have much gland.
  • Removed the “Gland_Stew” Inscription entry from Compendium
  • Fix to crash rarely occurring during last boss fight.
  • Inside the Fast Travel Menu, images of the locked locations are now blurred
  • Updated max lock on range to 2200 for most enemies, 10000 for dark father
  • Fixed shell position in fallgrim
  • Updated cathedral lighting
  • Changing the logic that hides/shows the Usable Weapons when their visibility gets updated: now instead of immediately setting the Static Mesh visibility the weapon gets dissolved by using the Scalar Parameter “Amount” and with a Timeline
  • Audio and VO updates and improvements
  • Balancing updates and improvements
  • Updated end credits
  • Minor update to game logo in title screen and main menu
  • Several Bug fixes and optimisations

Mortal Shell is launching on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on August 18. 

Source: PS4Patches