Originally meant to be a closed test with a limited number of players, Cold Symmetry has announced that the ongoing Mortal Shell beta will now be open to everyone.

This news comes from the official Mortal Shell discord channel in which the developers explain their decision for going open.

We heard that a lot of you were feeling left out and frustrated with how we were handling key distribution. We have tried our best to keep up with requests, but we never expected this level of high demand. So we have decided to open the PC beta early, and it’s available right now.

The beta can be downloaded exclusively from the Epic Game Store. Details on the beta content can be found below. There are also some new screenshots.

About the Mortal Shell Beta

This Beta build allows you to possess two Mortal Shells – Harros and Tiel – to better understand their subtleties in combat. This Beta does not include spoilers (we decided to keep the story a secret for just a little longer) and we have deliberately cordoned-off much of the open sprawling marshland of Fallgrim to keep you focused.
Before we leave you, a warning: Mortal Shell was made for battle-hardened soulslike fans. It is vindictive design, assembled with spite. It will take the best among you around an hour to complete it. For everyone else, expect your progress to be much slower.
Mortal Shell is targeting a launch of this year on the PC, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. No news on whether the title will be available on the Nintendo Switch or next-gen platforms outside of Xbox Series X.