The Mortal Shell beta start date has been announced, and it’s happening next month!

Revealed during the IGN Summer of Gaming Expo, the Mortal Shell Beta will begin on July 3 and for those looking to learn how to sign-up, you can do so by visiting the official Discord channel.

Additionally, some brand-new details have been revealed about the game during the stream, which you can read up down below.

  • The game has Four unique shells that all play differently
  • The Shells are hidden in the world, fairly early
  • You can be knocked out of a shell, players will need to go and retrieve it
  • Game is soul-inspired as mentioned before
  • Everybody is searching for meaning in the game, not just you as a player, but also the other NPCs
  • Large hub area, you can go to a location as you want
  • Sacred Glands are pivotal to the story, but the developers didn’t want to spoil people
  • Sacred Nectar is what bonds you to a shell
  • The release window is still Q3  for this year, developers will have more on this later
  • Beta is only on PC

About Mortal Shell:

Awakening as an empty vessel, you will enter into a shattered and twisted world where the remains of humanity wither and rot. Implored to do the bidding of the mysterious “Dark Father”, you must traverse this tattered landscape and track down hidden sanctums of devout followers. There, in Mortal Shell’s most hallowed grounds, you must overcome formidable foes and harvest the sacred glands. You won’t be truly alone when the dead litter your path: Scattered across this land are the remnant anima of lost warriors who can be inhabited to gain their unique abilities and knowledge of weapons. The Dark Father is desperate for you to complete your task — but to what end?

Here are the full details on the Mortal Shell beta via Discord Channel –

The Mortal Shell beta will run live from July 3rd – July 10th. Players will be able to play with two shells and wield either the Hammer and Chisel or the Hallowed Sword to vanquish their enemies. Starting in Fallgrim, players will have to find their first shell and battle through enemies to find the Crypt of Martyrs, a twisted catacomb where some secrets are best left lost…

Where can I get beta codes?

In the run-up to July 3rd, we will be releasing beta keys via our social media channels. Keep an eye on this Discord server and the channels below to find out how you can gain access: https://twitter.com/mortalshellgame https://facebook.com/MortalShellGame/ https://instagram.com/mortalshellgame/ We will also be distributing codes to a randomly selected group of players on our mailing list, so make sure you sign up here: https://mortalshell.com/#subscribe

Is Mortal Shell Closed Beta Available for Xbox or PS4? The Mortal Shell beta will only run on PC.

Beta Rules:

  •  You must be 18 years old or above • You’ll need to have an Internet connection and have accepted the User Agreement when redeeming your code
  • Live streaming and image capturing of Closed Beta gameplay is allowed, please share your gameplay and let us know what you think in the beta chat channel when it opens • Report any issues you come across in the future beta channel. Try to reproduce the issue by following the same steps you took and post those steps
  • Discussions around Mortal Shell datamining is not allowed on this server. This includes tutorials, media files, and sharing information about what is found in game files. We don’t want you to be spoiled ahead of time by something you may see

The developers will be hosting a number of giveaways in the discord, with the first one going on right now for a chance to participate in the beta.

If you want to stay up to date on the latest news for Mortal Shell, be sure to keep an eye on our official hub page.