Looks like the warriors and fans of the Mortal Kombat world will have to be a bit more patient before they see their beloved fighters in the big screen, as Mortal Kombat Movie has been delayed a week by Warner Bros. — and will now hit theaters and HBO Max on April 23.

As reported by Variety, the postponement of Mortal Kombat’s release is likely due to giving another WB release in Godzilla Vs Kong more time to screen, as well as allowing more theaters to open so the film can generate a wider audience.

“Mortal Kombat,” an adaptation of the popular video game, has been delayed a week.

The Warner Bros. fantasy-action film was originally scheduled for April 16 and is instead coming out on April 23. It will premiere both in movie theaters and on HBO Max.

The postponement comes the day before Warner Bros. plans to release another tentpole, “Godzilla vs. Kong.” Film exhibitors have been optimistic about the arrival of the big-budget clash of the titans, which has already done notable business overseas. “Godzilla vs. Kong” has made $121 million at the international box office to date. It’s done especially well in China, generating $70 million on opening weekend. By pushing “Mortal Kombat,” the studio hopes to space out the potential blockbusters in an effort to avoid cannibalizing ticket sales.

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Mortal Kombat will now hit theaters and HBO Max on April 23.