Looks like the long search to cast one of the most iconic video game characters in recent memory is finally over, as Deadline reports that director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has cast Solid Snake for the live-action Metal Gear Solid movie — and it’s going to be Star Wars and Dune star Oscar Isaac playing the legendary mercenary and member of FOXHOUND!

Currently being developed by Sony Pictures, the Metal Gear Solid film has long been in development with Vogt-Roberts handling directing duties. Based on Hideo Kojima’s seminal Tactical Espionage Action game of the same name that first debuted on the original PlayStation in 1998, the first MGS was in itself a sequel to the first two Metal Gear games created by Kojima and Konami. Telling the story of retired operative Solid Snake as he’s once again sent on a mission to save the world — the game is set on the fictional Shadow Moses Island where a group of next-generation special forces lead by rogue members of FOXHOUND have threatened the world with a nuclear weapon in exchange for the remains of the legendary soldier known as Big Boss. Combining elements of stealth, cinema, and action — Metal Gear Solid was a cinematic gaming experience that was ahead of its time, and showcased the brilliant talents of Kojima and his team which soon led to several sequels and spin-offs being developed.

With his casting, Oscar Isaac becomes the first live-action actor to officially play the role of Solid Snake. Voice acting duties for the character in the games were handled by Akio Otsuka in Japan, and by David Hayter in the North American/ English releases. Solid Snake would not be the only character featured in the games however, as subsequent installments would see a younger version of Big Boss, known as Naked Snake, as well as his phantom Venom Snake be the focus of those sequels. Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ film however is said to be based on MGS1, and that’s why Isaac will be playing the original hero of the series.

No release date has been given yet for the Metal Gear Solid movie, but be sure to follow more news and updates about it when it comes here on SP1st.