For those who played the 2019 Medievil Remake that released on the PlayStation 4, you may have remembered that the game secretly had a PS1 version tucked away as an unlockable. Well, as it turns out, the original copy was indeed running off of an internal emulator as hackers have now been able to extract this file to produce a PS1 emulator for the PS4.

This past week, as part of the Sony’s Bug Bounty, a user part of the program was allowed to disclose a new kernel entry, leading to the exploitation of PS4 consoles on firmware 6.72 and perhaps soon firmware 7.02. With this new firmware now exploitable, it had allowed a number of new titles to be dumped and explored. One of those titles just so happened to be 2019’s MediEvil Remake, which had an official PS1 emulator built into it. Have a watch down below.

According to the user, this emulator is “native” at running the titles and supports 720P, 1080P resolution with 4K supported on PlayStation Pro systems. Unfortunately, this emulator is with its fair shares of issues, as long time system modder, Lance McDonald was able to port the original Silent Hill to the emulator in a somewhat playable state.

He then later updated saying that games like Syphon Filter and Wildarms are currently running in issues where they won’t run past the main menu. Of course with this emulator just releasing to the public, chances are it will be fine-tuned to get these titles to run better. To help ensure things are documented, scene admin in charge of PlayStation developer wiki page has updated the classic emulator list to now include PS1 titles.

For those interested in helping with the project, a full tutorial on how getting it all set-up can be found here. Note if you ar wanting to use this on the PlayStation 4, it does require that you are on a lower (6.72) firmware than the current available one(7.52).