Possibly one of the worst kept game announcements has been rated in Korea! The Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which is something never confirmed by EA, has just been rated by The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea!

Check the image of it below:

Note that EA nor BioWare has not confirmed the game’s existence, but even so, multiple leaks have made their way out, and it’s just a matter of when this will be announced. I’d assume this is something BioWare is saving for N7 Day (Mass Effect Day), which is on November 7. Note that multiple games have leaked via the Korea Ratings Board, which means, this thing is legit!

Details regarding the Mass Effect Legendary Edition have made its way out. While there’s no multiplyer in it (shucks), it will house all the previously released DLCs for the campaign. Reports have surfaced that the reason for the delay is that BioWare is retooling Mass Effect 1’s gameplay to make it more palatable for today’s gamers.

As a big Mass Effect fan, I’m super pumped for this! Sure, I might make the same decisions I made before, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be enjoying every minute of it.

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