The save transfer feature is now live on both versions (PS4 & PS5) of Marvel’s Spider-Man as ushered in via a new patch, and while the games do feature seperate Tropjy lists, it appears that players won’t have to go back and earn them again as they are instantly unlocked upon load.

We tested out the save transfer feature this morning and to our surprise, we ended up getting an instant Platinum Trophy in the Remastered version of Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 on the PS5, meaning we now have two sets of Platinums for the game!

While we knew that main progress that users had in the game would be transferred over once the feature dropped, it was assumed with being a seperate trophy list that players would have start fresh if they wanted to get any of the Trophies in the PS5 version. This certainly is a surprise to many as it’ll save them countless hours of having to clear out crime sections and challenges.

Although for those wanting to earn everything all over again, let this be a warning then as to not to transfer your PS4 saves over. Additionally, while a Platinum is received if you earned it in the original game (and any DLC Trophies) there are still five new Trophies that can be earned l, exclusively to the PS5 version of the game. So there’s still plenty to experience, in addition to the improved graphics and frame-rate on the PS5.