Earlier today, Sony released our first look at Marvel’s Spider-Man running on the PS5, which gives us our first look at how Insomniac Games’ current-gen hit will look on next-gen hardware. If you’re curious as to how it looks side-by-side, we got you covered with this Marvel’s Spider-Man PS5 vs PS4 comparison!

Doing some light detective work, we managed to find the exact location of the newly released PS5 screenshot that shows off the amazing ray tracing reflection. To give you a bit of a refresher, here’s what the PS5 version looks like.

And now here’s how this same exact spot is on the PS4 (Pro). Image capture via photo mode. Background has been blurred a bit with more focal in the front in attempt to match the PS5 image as closely as possible.

We did try to emulate the same lighting condition by selecting the day option in the game, though since the PS5 features some different lighting, as with a new weather and sky system, they do look different in their coloring. Mind you, the differences are still very noticeable with some details, such as the suit and building textures, popping up even more in the PS5 version. Down below you’ll find a side by side comparison.

What’s more, the current PS5 screenshot that you see above will apparently look even better come the November release, as it’s been confirmed from Insomniac’s community director that they have already improved on them since taking the screenshots.

This is starting to look like one well made remaster if we so say ourselves, and we cannot wait to get our hands on it, along with Spider-Man Miles Morales this November when it launches on PS5.