Earlier this week, the Mafia franchise’s Twitter account sprung to life and a few filings for the game’s rating has been spotted online fueling speculation that we were either getting a new entry in the franchise, or a remake/remaster was on the way. As it turns out both aren’t exactly right, as this is for the Mafia Trilogy!

The Mafia Trilogy has been announced today which will include all three games (DUH), with the official reveal set to happen this coming Tuesday, May 19, at 9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET.

While the actual reveal is a few days away, some of the important info seems to have been announced inadvertently thanks to Microsoft’s store listing of the title (has now been pulled). In it, it mentions that the Mafia Trilogy will have an expanded story mode, updated gameplay, complete original musical score, and will be out on August 28, 2020!

Not only that, but we also got some sweet screenshots too (thanks, EscapistMagazine!) that you can see below.

While the info above regarding the release date and other details did come from the official Microsoft Store, don’t forget, this isn’t info announced officially just yet. For that, we’ll need to wait for Tuesday next week.

I have to admit, the screenshots look fantastic. Hopefully, this remaster/remake includes bug fixes and whatnot as well.

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