The official Mafia Definitive Edition gameplay has finally debuted, giving us our first true look at how this remake plays.

Down below you’ll find the almost 15-minute Mafia Definitive Edition gameplay video, which also contains some developer commentary.

Doesn’t look that bad for a current-gen title, definitely a refreshing look for the original classic. Speaking of console generations, you may be wondering if this definite release will be getting any next-gen improvements. In a recent interview with Sirusgaming, Hangar 13’s President and Chief Creative Officer, Haden Blackman confirmed that at this time there are no plans to release on next-gen outside of the consoles backward compatibility features.

“There’s nothing we can talk about that yet; not in what we can announce or discuss. We want to see the Mafia series on as many platforms as humanly possible,” Haden said. “That will depend on the Definitive Edition’s success and whether or not there’s a need for the game to be updated again. We’ll make sure that the game is forward-compatible – as required by the console manufacturers.”

That’s a bit of a bummer, but hopefully, they decide to change their minds when next-gen consoles release.  Mafia Definitive Edition is releasing on September 25th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It will be forward compatible with the PlaySttaion 5 and Xbox Series X, though no improvements included outside of what the consoles can provide.