Players wanting to experience Mafia: Definitive Edition as they did with the original, will be happy to know that the classic difficulty mode is aiming to achieve just that. 

Revealed in a blog post from Hanger 13, Mafia: Definitive Edition classic difficulty aims to achieve the difficulty of the original release. It does this by having more aggressive enemies, loss of ammo on reload, limited mini-map and so much more that made the original so hard to beat. 

 “Looking back at the original game today, it is incredibly challenging,” notes Hangar 13 Senior Systems Designer Prakash Choraria. “With Classic Difficulty, we wanted to deliver something that is still an accomplishment to overcome, while smoothing over some of the bumps that could otherwise feel frustrating. Taking the race in the Fair Play mission as an example, the goal across all of Mafia: Definitive Edition’s difficulty settings was to make it a little easier than the original, as many players got stuck and were unable to beat it. On Classic, the race is still pretty tough, but is conquerable with patience and practice.”

Driving assist functions have also been disabled as well as the GPS navigation. Police patrolling the streets also come at you, even for the smallest crimes.

When playing on Medium difficulty, the police will generally ignore crimes where no one gets hurt. If you run a red light or hit a stationary vehicle, they’ll turn a blind eye, but aim a gun at a pedestrian and they’ll want to have a word. On Classic, however, no offense is too small. Drive even a little over the speed limit and you’ll need to pull over and pay a fine to stop the situation from escalating.” Neglect to pull over and you’ll find that Lost Heaven PD officers are unrelenting in their pursuit and will resort to setting up roadblocks just as they did in the original game. Encountering a roadblock while fleeing from the police doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stop, of course, but you should know that on Classic Difficulty your vehicles aren’t as durable as on other difficulty settings.

While the mode will be the most challenging, the team assured that it won’t be as punishing in some aspects like in the original. Mafia: Definitive Edition classic difficulty will be completely optional, though if you plan on getting the platinum trophy or lal the achievements then you will be required to play it as there is one tied to it.

Mafia: Definitive Edition will be launching on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 25. Be on the look out for a full review once it launches.

VIA source, PSU