It’s almost time to revisit the adventures of Six following her escape from the Maw, as Bandai Namco Entertainment has released a brand new trailer for Little Nightmares 2 — showing more of the environments like “The Pale City” and “The School” that Six and her new companion Mono must survive and navigate through. In addition to that, the Little Nightmares 2 demo has been announced today as well, alongside more details regarding a console sweepstakes and more.

Here’s the new footage called “Lost in Transmission”.

In addition to this new trailer, Bandai Namco Entertainment has also released details on demos coming for the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, as well as other promotional events and tie-ins such as a console sweepstakes giveway, Little Nightmares comic, and an apparel collection for the game.

  • Console Sweepstakes – From Wednesday, January 13 to Thursday, February 11, the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America team will be giving away a custom Little Nightmares II branded console. More information is available at the following link: https://www.bandainamcoent.com/landing/ln2-giveaway


  • Demo for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – A downloadable demo will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One now.


  • Demo and Digital Pre-Orders for Nintendo Switch – A downloadable demo will go live as digital pre-orders begin on Nintendo Switch starting Wednesday, January 13 at 9:00 AM PST.


  • Little Nightmares STEAM Code Giveaway – PC gamers can experience the game that started it all. A giveaway for the first game in the series will run Wednesday, January 13 until Sunday, January 17. For more information on the free game giveaway, please visit the following page: https://www.bandainamcoent.com/games/little-nightmares-2


  • Little Nightmares Comic – The Little Nightmares Comic app is a free interactive comic for Little Nightmares II created by Plastiek will be available on the App Store and Google Play. The first two episodes are available today!


  • Little Nightmares II Apparel Collection – On the official BANDAI NAMCO store, gamers will be able to purchase four new items of Little Nightmares II-branded apparel. More information is available at the following link: https://www.bandainamcoentstore.com/little-nightmares

If you missed the Halloween Trailer and Day One Edition details for Little Nightmares 2, read them up and more here.

Little Nightmares 2 will be released for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on February 11.