Remember that short Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask short film called Terrible Fate that released years ago? Well it would seem that the senior environment artist that worked on the project is back, this time with a new beautiful real-time animation called “Majora’s Mask Rebirth”.

Meet Cordell Felix, a senior environment artist who has done work on major franchises such as the Bioshock Collection, Borderlands Remaster, God of War (PS4), and many more. One of of his more notable fan works over the years included a short 2016 Majora’s Mask called Terrible Fate. For those who’ve seen it you can watch it down below.

Well it would appear that he is back once again with Zelda content as he has recently published a new short called “Majora’s Mask Rebirth”. It’s his take on what would happen after hundreds of years from the original game. Here’s what Felix had to say about this Rebirth project

What happens hundreds of years later when the people of Termina are all gone? Would the evil eventually return to the mask?”
I wanted to create a final passion project using the mask to both create higher quality renders and improve my skills on a few things inside Unreal Engine 4. Everything in the video is real-time rendered in UE4. The environment is built using Quixel Megascans.

Do keep in mind that in no way is this video officially associated with the Legend of Zelda franchise. It was purely a passion project by Felix. 

Majora’s Mask Rebirth Video

Closeups of Majora’s Mask

Song of Healing – Ambient Orchestral Remix by Robert Karpay

Some HD still shots:

Talk about absolutely gorgeous. Really makes us wish that Nintendo would give the Legend of Zelda series a more serious look when it comes to graphics.