Square Enix has launched their new Kingdom Hearts website, Kingdom Hearts Dark Road and it would appear that some files have been found buried in it, seemingly confirming a new project called β€œKingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.”

Not much else is known about Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory outside of the blurry logo, though it did appear on the website source code for a brief amount of time before being removed. Twitter user 13 Vessel confirmed this information along with finding tags for multiple platforms, including ones for the Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Oddly there was also what appeared to be an internal developer note stating not to share it otherwise that person would be fired. We couldn’t verify that portion ourselves as by the time the image was removed so was the rest of the code. Again, not much is known about Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory though many are speculating that it could potentially be some sort of rhythm title, and/or possibly related to an orchestra event of some sort. It’s really anyone guesses, and hopefully with the file being found it means that Square Enix may be getting ready for a reveal sometime this Summer. We’ll just have to wait and find out, until then, we’ll be sure to keep you updated if any new development is found.