The Kingdom Hearts 3 Save Editor tool for the PS4 has recently received a major update, bringing with it the ability to play different characters and explore regions previously inaccessible.

Software engineer, Luciano Ciccariello (Twitter) recently updated his OpenKH tool on Github, bringing a number of new features, including new playable characters. The full changelog can be found below.

  • Add new playable characters
  • Add new maps
  • Add food stats enhancements
  • Fix DLC armors
  • Fix a crash when opening a new save
  • Pack the application into a single executable

Among being able to modify the PS4 game save to give you nearly any item, it has now become possible to play any character on various maps. This includes the form that allows Sora to fly around the level! Watch the trailer down below.

This is all kinds of cool, though Luciano did state that while the characters are playable, some are very limited in terms of what kind of actions they may perform. This is most likely due to the very limited modding support as it is only using the data found on a game save. We will most likely see this resolved in a PC version of Kingdom Hearts 3 ever releases for the platform. For now, this only works on the PlayStation 4.

As for how it even works? Well outside of needing to download the Kingdom Hearts 3 Save Editor Tool from Github, you’ll also need a Save Editor known as Save Wizard for the PlayStation 4. It’s a paid program that costs $50 and supports a number of titles. However, we would like to note that we do not support cheating if it affects any online play. Thankfully, Kingdom Hearts 3 is a single-player game so it won’t ruin the experience for players online.