Despite Nomura now directing Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it seems that he is still feeling some strong emotional connection to Final Fantasy Versus 13 after it’s cancelation back in 2012. So much so, that when Kingdom Hearts 3 released, many were quick to point out a character that had a near-identical look to the protagonist of Final Fantasy Versus 13. Many viewed this as a simple nod to the canceled project, but after the recent release of Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC Re-Mind, it’s clear Nomura never got over the cancellation and may, in fact, be retooling portion of it to fit the Kingdom Heart universe. Major DLC Spoilers ahead.

Fans first noticed during the Toy Story segment of Kingdom Hearts 3 an arcade game titled “Verum Rex,” which featured a character named Yozora who of which had a near same character design of that of Noctis from the 13 Versus game. And despite being a mini-game, it also featured a full-length trailer, which you can watch below.

Obviously this “Verum Rex” mini-game draws heavy inspiration and if not is a direct clone of FF Versus 13, which at the time many viewed as a joke reference to his previous project. However, as players completed the game and unlocked the secret ending, they soon discovered that there was a lot more to the world of Verum Rex as it the characters of Kingdom Hearts found themselves crossing path with Yozora in a cliffhanger ending.

If you listen closely you can even hear a bit of Somnus Nemoris, the main theme of Final Fantasy Versus 13. This was from last year and now that the DLC is finally out more connections have been drawn, in particular, one scene presented in two secret endings of the DLC. Again, major spoiler here.

In both endings, we see the character Yozora sitting in the backseat of a vehicle. The endings are similar, although they feature different camera shots that can be edited together for a slightly longer scene. What does this scene edit into? Well,  they recreate one of the scenes from a Final Fantasy Versus 13 trailer that released in 2011. Here take a look at them side by side in the video down below.

This will certainly get many fans talking, and more importantly, wondering if the story of Final Fantasy Versus 13 is now being repurposed to fit of that in the Kingdom hearts game. We aren’t sure how we feel about that as the concept behind the original game was always an interesting one, but it may end up overshadowing other aspects of Kingdom Hearts story. Although that is to say the least since the studio tends to overlook certain plot points to tell in other spin-offs.

Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC RE MIND is now available for purchase.