Just a few weeks ago, we posted a first-person gameplay look for God of War 2018, that made things a wee bit more personal. If you ever wanted to see the same treatment done to Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn, we got you covered! Below is a two-minute look at some Horizon Zero Dawn first-person gameplay.

Once again, it’s via YouTuber and modder Speclizer who gives us a look at some combat, traversal in first-person for Horizon Zer Dawn!

Of course, this can’t be done without modding the game. That said, it does look different and dare I say it, a bit weird in first-person, whcih is a given, since the game is designed to be played and experienced in a third-person vantage point.

If you haven’t picked the game up yet, you might want to do so now! It’s also out on PC, and our review gave it a sterling 9.5/10!  The sequel, titled Horizon Forbidden West, has been announced for the PS4 and PS5, and is targeting virtually no loading screens.

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