If you’re booting up Ghost of Tsushima for the first time, you might be intimidated by just how much stuff there is to collect. There are items that are for cosmetics only, and there are those that affect how you fare in the game, and charms are one of those items. SP1st is here to bring you the best Ghost of Tsushima charms that you’ll want to obtain ASAP.

Of note, there are five slots for charms in Ghost of Tsushima, and players can equip two major charms, and four minor ones. Understandably, the major charms are more powerful in nature. We’ve included the top seven best Ghost of Tsushima charms below, along with ones we’ve included in consideration of what builds players will create.

Major Charms:

Charm of Amaterasu – Killing enemies restores a Moderate amount of health.

  • Why you need it equipped ASAP – The description says it all. This is the closest charm you’ll get in the game similar to lifesteal in other games. Each enemy you down, you’ll recover health; what’s not to love?
  • Where to find it – Golden Shrine in Act 1

Charm of Mizu-No-Kami – Parries, Perfect Parries, and Perfect Dodges are easier to perform.

  • Why you need it equipped ASAP – Enemies that can’t hit you, can’t damage you, right? Parrying and dodging in the game is infinitely better than blocking. Combo this with the skill that gives you bonus health and bonus Resolve for every perfect parry, and well, you’ll fast becoming a demon with a samurai.
  • Where to find it – Spring Falls Shrine in Act 1

Honorable mentions:

Charm of Izanagi – Landing a headshot has a 40% chance to return an arrow.

  • Why you need it equipped ASAP – At later stages of the game, picking enemies off using your bow will be essential before fighting with a mob, Equipping this charm will make sure you’ll have ample stock to take out enemies from a distance. And yes, this charm also applies to Heavy Arrows.
  • Where to find it – Winding Mountain Shrine in Act 2

Minor Charms:

Charm of Inari’s Might – Increases Health and Melee damage by a Massive amount.

  • Why you need it equipped ASAP – You’ll gain more health overall, and be able to deal more damage? So tankier, and more DPS? Yeah, if there’s one charm you need in this list, it’s this one.
  • Where to find it – You need to unclock all six charm slots first. Once you do, the next Fox Den you complete will give you Inari’s Might.

Charm of Ferocity – Moderate increase to melee damage.

  • Why you need it equipped ASAP – Adds more damage to your blade attacks, which means, it’s going to be easier to kill enemies.
  • Where to find it – Complete side missions

Charm of Divine Healing – While at 50% health or less, healing recovers an additional 15% of health (30% at level 2).

  • Why you need it equipped ASAP – This charm will help you save on Resolve usage when healing yourself. So you can use those extra Resolve for offense instead.
  • Where to find it – Complete side missions

Charm of Resolve – 15% increase in Resolve gains (turns to 25% when in level 2).

  • Why you need it equipped ASAP – You gain more Resolve for anything that gains Resolve. So kills, stealth takedowns, standoffs, etc., will net you more Resolve. You won’t run out of Resolve once you use this (usually).
  • Where to find it – Complete side missions

Honorable mentions:

Charm of Rejuvenation – Slowly recover up to 2 Resolve while in combat.

  • Why you need it equipped ASAP – You’ll slowly gain more Resolve when you need it. (Although, if you’re using the Charm of Resolve, you won’t run out of Resolve usually even for combat).
  • Where to find it – Complete side missions

Note that minor charms will be awarded by completing side missions for NPCs in the game. You’ll get duplicate charms once you get the entire set. As for upgrading your charms, completing Fox Den missions and reaching the max charm capacity will then grant you charm upgrades for every full cycle completion.

Of course, the “best” charms in the game ultimately depends on your playstyle. That said, our recommendations are good for all-around combat effectivenes. Make sure to check the rest of our Ghost of Tsushima guides here. We’ll be posting a ton more in the coming days.

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