While we got a look at Kratos without a beard in God of War (PS4) from some official concept art, seems a user has taken things a step further and given Kratos a cut in the game itself, with a new God of War mod. We also have a look at the full Thor model with some hidden details, along with other in-game secrets.

Early this year we made a post about a God of War hack showing  Baldur, the main antagonist of God of War, flipping the bird to players off screen. The only way to view this was to modify the games files in order to run a camera hack that allows free exploration. While the previous Modder, Lance, didn’t go to in detail outside of a short video, Youtuber and Detroit: Become Human modder, Specilizer has uploaded some new videos to his channel, further exploring the camera hack in God of War. Down below you’ll find video that explores the first main boss fight in the game. And yeah, the thumbnail is real.

Additionally, Specilizer has also uploaded a Mod, showing Kratos without his now iconic beard.

Another out of bounds video exploring the section where players first meet Mimir.

And finally, a look at the game’s “secret” ending where we are first teased Thor, the God of Thunder. In this video we get a more close up look of his face, including a hidden beard and a tattoo.

For those curious, the only way to achieve this is to modify the God of War files on PS4 and to run it on a jailbroken system. Only consoles that haven’t updated past a specific firmware can achieve this, so don’t expect this to work if you are up-to-date on firmware. No details from Specilizer on whether they would release the modified files or a tutorial to those who can perform this hack.

Either way, this is pretty awesome to see and hopefully there’s plenty more videos to come.