If there’s one thing the God of War 2018 is known for aside from “boy,” it’s how serious everything in the game is; from the story, subject matter, dialogue and more, the title features a serious tone from start to finish, which is a given due to the game’s story. However, watching this God of War first-person gameplay, it did something that I wouldn’t believe was possible, and it’s hiking up the drama even more!

Thanks to a mod, YouTuber Speclizer has posted about eight minutes of God of War first-person gameplay! We see Kratos talking to Atreus, the point-of-view of Mimir, and more! Needless to say, there are spoilers in the game, so if you haven’t finished it or played it, I suggest not watching further.

Obviously, this can’t be done without a mod, which means this won’t be accessible to probably 99 pecent of the PlayStation gamers out there. If you want to see more awesome God of War mod videos, we posted one where we see the full character model of Thor, Baldur flipping the bird and more!

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