God of War director Cory Balrog, the legendary video game director and writer who is the man behind Santa Monica Studios and the 2018 Game of the Year winner “God of War”, has changed his Twitter profile details to tease an upcoming and mysterious new game under his watch.

Cory Barlog changed his twitter header and location. Could he be teasing his new game set in Space? from PS5

First appearing on a Reddit thread, the post has a lot wondering what the new project may be and if it is hinting at something familiar in science fiction. The cover photo is a shot of the sleeper pods featured in the 1986 sci-fi horror classic “Aliens”, which houses the sleeping marines and crew members from the U.S.S Sulaco. This has led many fans and gamers to start speculating and actually consider the possibility of Balrog working on a game based on the Alien franchise. If that’s case, this is a remarkable thing for Alien fans as Cory’s ability to direct and tell a story is proven territory with how he has guided and shaped Kratos since ethe very first God of War game in 2005. Right now it’s anyone’s guess what the project really is, and only Cory Balrog himself knows the answers for sure.

Cory Balrog’s next confirmed project is God of War Ragnarok — which was revealed at the PS5 Showcase event and you can read all about in our feature.