While Sucker Punch Productions’ upcoming game Ghost of Tsushima is set for release in June this year, not a lot of details regarding the Ghost of Tsushima plot have been revealed so far. Well, that’s about to change.

In the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK (via TechPlusGame), the Ghost of Tsushima plot beats have been revealed, and yep, some might consider it a bit spoiler-ish.

“You play as Jin Sakai, trained in the way of the samurai and taught to fight with honor by his uncle Shimura, Lord of Tsushima. Jin’s beliefs are sorely tested when he fights on the island’s beaches, trying to repel the invading Mongol Empire fleet. After the initial attack, Tsushima’s forces are devastated, making him one of the last remaining samurai on the island (we know Shimura, at least, lives beyond the initial invasion). Narrowly escaping death, he realizes that to fight back against overwhelming odds might require him to use more than his samurai’s honorable skills. He must master the Way Of The Ghost, ninja-like skills that will enable him to take on a skilled enemy that heavily outnumbers him. The mantle of The Ghost turns you into a vigilante-type figure, battling for the oppressed people of occupied Tsushima. Which, of course, puts you right at the top of the Mongols’ most-wanted list. Their forces are led by Khotun Khan, a fictional analog of Kublai Khan (who led the Mongols at the time of the real invasion and went on to become the first Yuan emperor of China). As Jin carries Tsushima’s last shred of hope, if the Khan and his forces can snuff him out, Tsushima will fully fall to despair.”

Well, even after reading that, there’s still a lot of stuff left unknown.

Ghost of Tsushima is set for release this June 26 exclusively on the PS4.

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