If you’re looking to complete or nab the best gear in Ghost of Tsushima, you’ll want to tackle the Mythic Tales! One of these Tales houses the Gosaku Armor. SP1st is here to help with the Ghost of Tsushima Gosaku Armor guide on how to earn.

Ghost of Tsushima Gosaku Armor How to Unlock Guide:

The Gosaku Armor set is one of the Mythic Tales that you can take one. It requires that you retrieve six keys in order to unlock a door containing the armor set.  The quest giver is located in the second region/act of the game, a little south of Akashima village.

The keys are located in region/act 1 and region/act 2. As a tip, if you are liberating every outpost you can actually get a headstart on this before talking to the quest giver. Otherwise, if you want to make it a little easier and have all the locations marked for you you can talk to the musician (quest giver) south of Akishima village or refer to the maps down below. Regardless you will still need to talk to the musician in order to activate the second portion of the quest.

Gosaku Armor 6 Key Locations


Once you have gotten all six keys, you will then travel to a hill located in Akishima. Don’t worry, it will be marked on the map. Upon reaching the destination, there will be some Mongols at the locked door. Deal with them, then open the door and begin your climb. At the top of this hill, you will find the Gosaku armor set.

You should now have the Gosaku armor, one of the game’s best armor set. Fully upgrading this armor will grant you a massive increase in health, stagger damage, and a 20% health gain upon killing a staggered enemy. Additionally, for you trophy hunters out there, the Gosaku armor happens to be tied to the Cooper Clan trophy, a Sly Cooper easter egg. You can find a guide on how to earn that trophy here:

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