Sucker Punch Productions not only crafted an amazing game in Ghost of Tsushima, but the studio packed in all sorts of references to other games too. Want to see ’em? Here’s the SP1st Ghost of Tsushima Easter eggs guide! This article has a list of some of the Ghost of Tsushima Easter eggs along with their locations.

Do keep in mind that this most likely isn’t a complete list of easter eggs found throughout Ghost of Tsushima. Due to the size of the world, there are most likely more hidden somewhere. Down below you’ll find a list we compiled of the ones we noticed.

Ghost of Tsushima Easter Eggs Guide:

Sly Cooper

There is a hidden trophy tied to this Easter egg called “Cooper Clan Cosplayer” that requires you to dress up as there legendary thief himself. In total there are five pieces requires, although only two of them actually are directly in reference to Sly Cooper. For a more in-depth guide, read up on our Cooper Clan trophy guide.

Sly Tanuki

This is one of the many sword kits that you can collect. For those that don’t know, a Tanuki is a Japanese raccoon dog. Pretty self-explanatory to what the “sly” is in reference to. The description reads as: “For the samurai who knows neither friend nor foe… only destruction”

Location: Region 3, at a pillar of honor located east of Iwai village.

Crooked Kama Headband

On the front of the headband, a yellow/gold cane can be seen. This is the same cane that Sly Cooper uses as his main weapon. The tie ends also have a raccoon tail pattern.

Location: Kamigata at the Jogaku Temple. There is a temple you can climb all the way to the top and this piece of vanity gear will be waiting for you on top.

Cooper Clan Cosplayer Trophy

Combining the two armor pieces above, along with the thief wrap’s, Gosaku’s armor, and the ocean guardian color die for the Gosaku armor will grant you an appearance like Sly Cooper and award the trophy for it.


Band of the Second Son

Another headband referencing one of Sucker Punch’s IP, this time being their first PS4 title, Infamous Second Son. For those unaware, the main character of Second Son, Delsin, wears a dark red beanie with Seatle 138 written on it. In Ghost of Tsushima, this is one of the many headbands that you can unlock, and as a nice detail if you go into photo mode and zoom in on the headband. Here you can see that Seattle 138 is also written on it but in Japanese.

Location: Region 2 at Omi Monastery. Just like the crooked kama headband, you will need to climb a roof here to the top and it will be waiting for your there.

The PlayStation Gallery

The next set of Easter eggs come in the form of origami. Down below you’ll find a full screenshot showcasing many PlayStation franchises along with images of each individual Easter egg. This is unlocked immediately after beating the game. Upon finishing the credits you will find yourself in Jin’s home. There are origami figures sitting on a work table, all in the shape of known PS franchises or studios.

Full Image:

Ghost of Tsushima Gran Turismo – It’s a red sports car, no explanation needed.

Ghost of Tsushima Horizon Zero Dawn

Ghost of Tsushima Ratchet and Clank – This origami is in the shape of a Lombax, more specifically Ratchet.

Ghost of Tsushima Shadow of the Colossus – This is of the Colossi Gaius

Ghost of Tsushima Death Stranding and Kojima Productions – We aren’t sure if the green motorcycle is in reference to the trikes in Death Stranding or perhaps Motorstorm. Luden however is present, which is the logo belonging to Kojima Production.

Ghost of Tsushima God of War – Should be a no brainer, it’s Kratos’s Leviathan Axe.

Ghost of Tsushima The Last of Us – Obviously Joel’s guitar

Ghost of Tsushima MLB – You can see a baseball bat with a white ball hitting it.

Ghost of Tsushima Sony London Logo – The white L-shape paper is Sony London logo

Ghost of Tsushima Dreams and Concrete Genie – This one threw us off a bit, but it’s clearly an imp from Media Molecule’s Dreams. The paintbrush could just be a paintbrush as this is a work table with other brushes, but it could also be a reference to Concrete Genie.

Again, there are likely most Easter eggs hidden throughout the world. If there are, feel free to drop a comment on the ones we missed and we’ll add them along with a credit to you. If you are interested in more Ghost of Tsushima guides, be sure to visit our official guide page for the game: Ghost of Tsushima Guides

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