In Ghost of Tsushima, possibly the stat/skill you want to level up as soon as possible are Resolves. Not only are these used for health, but for mega-damage moves too. Need help finding them? SP1st has the complete Ghost of Tsushima Bamboo Strikes locations guide for your perusal.

Ghost of Tsushima Bamboo Strikes Locations Guide

What do bamboo strikes do?

Bamboo strikes are mini-games that adds to the max amount of resolve a player will have. Resolve allows a player to heal during combat and to perform special techniques. 

Ghost of Tsushima Bamboo Strikes – 16 Total

Due to the size of the map found in Ghost of Tsushima, we have decided to break it apart by acts and regions so that you can have an easier time collecting them as you play. As a useful tip, we recommend purchasing the exploration technique, Wind of Resolve to be better pinpoint where the bamboo strikes are. It’s not a requirement as whenever a player begins to roam in fogged covered areas, icons are automatically marked, which you can then select so the guiding wind will lead you there or fast travel once discovered. Down below you’ll find the large regional maps marked with all the bamboo strikes along with a breakdown of each area.

ACT 1 Izuhara Full Map

Act 2 Toyotama Bamboo Strikes Full map

Act 3 Kamiagata Bamboo Strikes Full Map

Breakdown of each region

ACT 1 Izuhara Bamboo Strikes – 7 Total

Azamo – 2 Bamboo Strikes – 2 

Tsetsu Bamboo Strikes – 2

Komoda Bambook Strikes – 2 

Hiyoshi Bamboo Strikes – 1

ACT 2 Toyotama Bamboo Strikes – 6 Total

Akishima Bamboo Strikes – 1

Yarkiawa Bamboo Strikes – 1

Umugi and Otsuna Bamboo Strikes – 1

Kubara Bamboo Strikes – 1

Kushi Bamboo Strikes – 2

ACT 3 Kamiagata – 3 Total

Kin Bamboo Strikes – 2

Sago Bamboo Strikes – 1

Congratulations, you should now have all bamboo strikes completed and a max resolve of 10. You are one step closer to getting every single collectible in Ghost of Tsushima!. Be sure to check out our other Ghost of Tsushima collectible guides, which you can find all here: Ghost of Tsushima Guides

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